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I'm a US transplant to Germany. I listen to a lot of lefty podcasts from the US: Democracy Now!, The Young Turks, Majority Report, Best of the Left, Citizen Radio, etc. My German is getting pretty good after two years, and I'd like to listen to similar issues discussed auf Deutsch. Suggestions? Vielen Dank!
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I'm trying to think of podcasts. I usually just listen to Ö1, the Austrian state broadcaster, which has leftists and leftist analysis more frequently than one might expect (alongside a deep interest in Catholicism :-) ). But as you probably realize, if you don't live in southern Germany, the voices might be hard to understand, and it might teach you Austrian German usage (not that that's a bad thing).

I can help you with a start on reading, although I realize you didn't ask. Germany does have an independent left-wing, Marxist daily called junge Welt (although some articles are behind a paywall).
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