Do you know about any good looking computer cables?
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Do you know about any good looking computer cables?

I try to get rid of the cable clutter behind, next to and on top of the media pc. While all machines are more or less designed towards use in the living room, all cables are still big, nasty pieces of plastic. But we want thin cables and nice ones too! I do have a couple of apple usb and firewire cables that make my point. But they are very, very white. Are there any power or computer cables around that uses textile as a cover, for instance? Or with color? The same for power chords.
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A squid power strip?
posted by holloway at 3:48 AM on October 20, 2005

Going with the thinkgeek theme: perhaps a little tacky, but definitely shiny.

With USB, you might have luck with colorful/spiffy. With others, the best you can hope for is probably thin.

Oh, and network cable comes in bright colors and even in flat (I've seen this in Walmart, I believe).
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Have you looked at Lamp cord covers?
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If you like the Apple aesthetic, but not the white, they made some cool translucent rainbow power cables a while ago.
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How about some white (or other color) split loom?
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