How can I promote a writing workshop in NYC
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I’m looking for ideas on how I might attract students for a fiction writing workshop I’d like to teach.

I’m a short story writer with an MFA and some good publication credits but no book out, and thus no name recognition. I’ve taught before (undergraduates) and I like teaching and think I have some useful things to offer beginning writers. I live in NYC, but am not really plugged in with a lot of other writers. Ideally, I’d love to work with something like 6 to 8 students. My ideal student would be someone who’s serious about writing, maybe thinking about going to grad school, but I’d welcome anyone who wants to learn and participate in a workshop. So my question is this: Do you have any suggestions for ways I might reach potential students? I’m over 40, and it used to be that flyers on bulletin boards were the way to put the word out. But I don’t think people look at bulletin boards anymore. What do you think? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thank you!
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You could teach thru Sackett Street.
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Another thing is to teach through the Brooklyn Brainery. I've taken classes there and like it a lot.
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Brooklyn Brainery is great! Gotham Writers' Workshop is another potential option.
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