Grossfilter: Why are my armpits sweating so much all of a sudden?
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My armpits have been sweating WAY more than usual for the past few weeks. What could be causing this?

Yes, I know about CertainDri, etc. I'm not interested in how to fix this, I'm interested in why it is happening. It is happening even when I'm not doing anything strenuous. Any thoughts? Sure, it could be hyperhydrosis, but why did it come on so suddenly?

Potentially relevant: I shave, apply Mitchum in the mornings, and bathe (obviously, I hope).
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One hopefully irrelevant question: are you sweating more than usual, or is less moisture being wicked out? i.e., have you recently switched to wearing either more layers, or nonbreathing fabrics (polyester, etc.)

Also, when I just asked my wife, she helpfully points out "Well, when I got pregnant, I started sweating a lot more."
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Are you by any chance drinking more coffee lately? Coffee makes me sweat.
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There are a number of serious conditions that can cause sudden hyperhidrosis. If you don't think it's something like menopause or pregnancy you should see a doctor.
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Are you taking any medication? Has your medication changed recently?
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Is it JUST your armpits that are sweating more?
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Response by poster: I am not pregnant; I am sweating more than usual, but only from my armpits; I stopped taking birth control three months ago; and I am definitely drinking more coffee as of late. It is cold, so I've been wearing more layers lately, but I don't think that's it. It's been cold for months!

Also, this has been an on-and-off problem since I was young. Mostly off.
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It's probably fluctuations in hormone levels (which is why some pregnant women sweat more, but it doesn't exclusively impact pregnant women).
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I rotate between 2 deodorants (currently Dove and Arm & Hammer) at a time because this happens to me. I find if I use one kind exclusively, it starts not working any longer, which means I feel like I'm sweatier, but really I'm just grosser and stinkier because it's stopped working. Maybe you're just getting resistant to the Mitchum?
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One of the special treats one gets with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is extreme hormone fluctuation that can lead to increases in sweatiness.

So, it could be normal hormone fluctuation, or it could be abnormal hormone fluctuation.

Did you have these episodes while on BC?
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Prozac makes me sweat like crazy from my armpits and forehead. I can be sitting still in a room with my shirt off and a fan on, but I'll still sweat.

That probably doesn't help you much. I just wanted to share it. :-)
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Mitchum changed their formula for the gel in the last year or so. It sucks now. That's all I've got.
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Do you apply the antiperspirant anywhere beyond your armpits?

I have a pet theory that one's body must produce X amount of sweat, and if you stop it from your [feet, boobs, etc], it will find somewhere else to come out. YMMV, etc.
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I was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis back in my early 20s. My doctor said it was hormonal, so it could be your body reacting to being off the pill. I was prescribed a prescription deodorant (Dri-sol?) that worked wonders, as long as I didn't overdo it. Eventually it went away, but when I find myself sweating excessively for whatever reason (stress/anxiety/hormones) I use the deodorant for a couple days and I'm fine.

By the way, you can something like Dri-sol OTC these days. Use it sparingly at night, and not ever after shaving--youch.
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