Southeastern British Columbia: Reveal Your Roadtrip Gems!
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We are tentatively planning a road trip this summer which would take us north to Vancouver Island, then we are thinking of working our way over to Nelson. (Then down, hopefully, to see some of the Channeled Scablands on the way back to Oregon.

Looks like we would start on the Trans-Canada Highway then cut off on Highway 3. Then BC-6 to Nelson. I am totally ignorant of that part of the world, and anything you can tell me to make our trip more successful and enjoyable would be appreciated. We are planning on a motel-BandB-car camping trip, as the circumstances call for.

Anyone who has Scablands experience is asked to chime in also. That area is on my bucket list, but I have no idea, as yet, how to approach seeing it.
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I *really* enjoyed camping at Cape Scott Provincial Park on the northern tip of the island. You have to drive gravel roads, dodge logging trucks and bears to get there, but it's worth it. I'd always wanted to do the "heritage discovery circle route", but alas my time living in BC ran out before I got a chance.

Have fun, it's a beautiful place.
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Well, while you're still heading out of Vancouver, it's worth taking a slight detour and swimming at Golden Ears. Manning Park is utterly gorgeous and a good place to camp near. There are some great views of the Southern Okanagan valley coming down from Keremeos. It might be worth driving up to Penticton if you're into used books--there's a great one downtown. There are also lots of winery tours around Oliver if you're into that kind of thing, and, better, boxes of fresh cherries and peaches at various roadside stops.
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There's lots to see and do along Highway 3. About 5 hours drive from Vancouver the resort town of Osoyoos is on a beautiful lake surrounded by desert. A little further along the village of Midway is at the southern end of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail if you're interested in a bike ride.
Since you're planning to visit Vancouver Island the Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria is a scenic way to get here.
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Response by poster: islander - is the Coho ferry the regular ferry that goes back and forth across the channel? Or is there a choice of boats between PA and Victoria? Also, is Port Renfrew worth driving out to and staying at for a night or so?
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There's only the one ferry from PA to Victoria but you could take the Anacortes ferry to Sidney (just north of Victoria).
And yes, it's a lovely drive up to Port Renfrew. There are a couple of motels and B&Bs there and a great campground right on the beach. On the way to Port Renfrew there's an oceanfront provincial campground at French Beach.
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Nakusp is a lovely little town on a gorgeous lake, surrounded by fun hikes, bikes, and walks. Hot springs too.

I have spent a few weeks every summer there, since 1993.
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Near Nelson I like the natural caves of the hot springs at Ainsworth.
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Response by poster: This is all very helpful!
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Do not miss Dry Falls.
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The Lemon Creek Lodge is a nice place to stay off highway 6
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