Ipad mini case with integrated plug protectors
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I really enjoy my iphone case because of the integrated plug protectors (if they were separate little plastic thingees, I would lose them almost immediately. I also have a replacement iPad mini as I just used one of my AppleCare instances for "corrosion on the dock connector and headphone connector". I don't get my devices wet, but sometimes they do go through humidity swings. Thus, I am looking for a case for my iPad mini with integrated plug protectors like the iphone case I linked to. Any recommendations?
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Otterbox Defender cases have these.
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(...and are also really good cases - my Samsung phone has survived a 10m drop onto concrete and my iPad Mini has survived a toddler in Defender cases).
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The Griffin Survivor case has integrated protectors. But the covers for camera & speaker are on strange swivel pegs & have the tendency to get pulled off if they aren't pushed all the way into the shell. You could put a piece of duct tape over them to keep them in place.
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