Babka. Hamentaschen. Babkataschen?
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Bakers! Especially, but not exclusively, bakers of babka and hamantaschen! Help me brainstorm a hamantaschen that is babka based, but still identifiably hamantaschen!

Purim is the 15-16th of March this year.
I happen to have some time beforehand to be a little ambitious in my mishloach manot this year.
I've made piles and piles of creative-filling hamantaschen in my time, but have always stuck with a traditional hamantaschen dough. [Orange juice is key! And I use butter, but this recipe is pareve]. I am intrigued by making a creative leap and incorporating babka. For my friends, Green's babka is the standard bearer. I'm a very competent baker, breads included, although I've never taken the time to make babka. Smitten Kitchen has this pretty awesome babka recipe that claims to be [I think] very Green's like.
The question is: how to make it into hamantaschen dough.
My goal is to end up with babka dough that I then flatten/roll out, and then use as hamantaschen dough [cutting out circles, filling, folding]. Sort of like those "cinnamon roll pie crust" recipes, but not so pretty.
And then, I guess reserve some of the chocolate from the dough recipe, incorporate strussel and use as filling?
This is where I need your help/experience/ideas!
-I'm not tied to the linked babka recipe if you have a better idea.
-while I'd rather they not crumble if I look at them wrong, they're not traveling too much.
Guide me in converting babka into something that is still recognizably hamantaschen!
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oh my god, what an amazing idea. I will probably answer several times, but off the top of my head -

- the dough will need to be a yeast dough to get the delicious babka flavor. Luckily yeast dough hamantaschen is totally a thing and there are a zillion recipes.

-So ultimately you want a sheet of dough that is rolled out and cut into circles, hm... I'm thinking, roll out your dough, then spread a thin layer of cinnamon-cocoa (dampened with melted butter to the consistency of wet sand) (chocolate will be too slippery and sloppy I think) on it and roll it up so it forms a cylinder. Then, cut that cylinder in half the long way and twist the halves together, cut side out. Then, roll up your twisty-snake into a twisty-snail, and roll that out flat, and see if you've got the marbling you want, I think you will.

-you can put the real chocolate in the filling, but be judicious, it burns and oozes.

good luck!!!
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Let us know how it turns out!!!
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Oh, I will!
I've continued to think about this "problem" [because thinking about this problem is way more fun than any of my real problems].
What if I make what are essentially "mini babka"-using one long thin layer of dough. I'd then place the filling and roll into one log. Slice into....1 inch pieces? and then roll THOSE out flatter, using a slightly gooier streusel topping as the filling to be folded in the middle?
The big question is how those might roll out.
-between two pieces of parchment?
-freezing the rolls?
-maybe just chilling them so the butter/chocolate is hard?
These circles wouldn't need to be cut out.
Opinions? Tips?
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see I think the problem with that is, that then you have your streusel layers perpendicular to the surface of the cookie, which I think is going to give you leakage problems.

Also, rolling out every one will be a lot more work than cutting circles, and more likely to give you irregular shapes.

I hope you post photos whatever you decide!
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One solution would be to make the dough as if it were a tradtional laminated yeast dough, using the book-fold method, and just incorporate the streusel into the layers that way. You'll always keep the layers parallel to the base of the dough if you do it that way rather than rolling it up.

One thing you could do once you've got your marbled dough is cut it, fill it as you would for hamentaschen (but rethinking fillings a bit, since as fingersandtoes mentions, you're going to have baking time and temperature issues to contend with), letting it proof for an hour or so, and then baking. I bet poppy filling would be amazing with a babka-style crust, as would a nutty filling.
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I think to pull this off, in addition to your advice, I'm going to be making the actual babka recipe this weekend. Now I have to go buy ALL the chocolate.
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As promised, I have returned.
Last weekend, I made a full recipe of mini-loaves. They were good, and I learned some lessons, mainly, to let the dough rise at least 2x the time longer than the recipe, and to add as little flour as possible for kneading [they were harder and drier than I wanted and didn't have a fab structure inside].
I also got a feel for the dough.
This weekend, I made a double recipe [that's a whole lot of babka, my friends], and made 4 full size loaves and used the rest for babkataschen.
For the babakataschen, I followed all the steps up to and including rolling/twisting. Then, instead of folding over and twisting again, I let them rise some more. I then sliced into 1 inch-ish rolls, smashed them with the palm of my hand, and filled with struesel and excess choco-filling. I folded them into triangles, egg washed, let rise some more and baked.
They're good. Don't get me wrong. They're yummy. And my plan worked very well. But they pale in comparison to the full size loaves. They were a fun project and people enjoyed them, but I think I'm going to stick to using babka dough for babka. Pics here of both babkataschen and babka. Thanks for all the advice and helping me to think through my idea!
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