Do you know of guided meditation audio that is realistic?
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Hoping to find some guided meditations that are realistic.

What I'm after is guided meditations that might walk you through a field or through the woods or along the beach in a matter-of-fact way with real details and no woo-woo. Prefer attention to details that are likely to be something you'd actually see (so no huge gobs of beautiful flowers appearing in woods with no sunshine).

Imagining oneself as a tree is probably fine, but meeting spirit guides after walking out of said tree probably won't fly.

I am all for woo-woo myself, but I am asking for a friend who has a preference for reality. :)

I don't have time to listen to every single thing I find to test it out before recommending it so I was hoping some of you folks would have run into a few here or there.
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Some of The Honest Guys guided meditations would fit the bill. They have a playlist of the more realistic ones. They have some weird Middle Earth ones where you run into hobbits. Those are not my cup of tea.

I also like Meditation Oasis which has a lot of low-woo episodes that I really like. They don't walk you through any fields, but they focus your attention on your breath, your emotions, etc.
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I got this Qi Gong Meditation app for my Kindle and it has very "normal" events like watching a sunset or listening to rain. I think the most woo woo had you hanging out in a lotus blossom. I like it because you can have music or no music in the background.
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Seconding Meditation Oasis. Very clean and straightforward and relaxing.
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I like for this.
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Thanks so much, everyone! I had only heard about one of these (

Extremely grateful for the warning about the hobbits (!!).

I should have mentioned - any platform is welcome - friend has access to iPad, computer w/Windows, and Android device.
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