It is only coincidentally Pancake Day
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I was disappointed in Google/YouTube and their ability to regurgitate whatever garbage my subconscious dredged up out of my childhood memories, for the first time in a long time today when I tried to find the Golden Griddle pancake syrup commercial from the late 1970's that had someone writing "oh!" in syrup on a stack of pancakes. Can you help me find it?

I could only find this and this. I thought that it had been the same commercial that sings, "Oh! that Golden Griddle", because that makes sense with the "oh!" but then some jerk 'friend' of mine on Facebook ruined my day by saying, "no fool - the 'oh!' commerical was for Golden Grahams - not Golden Griddle" and I can't help but notice that he is probably right. It's the same tune that I sing in my head about Golden Griddle, more or less.

But! Looks like "Oh dem golden slippers" is an old, uh, minstrel song parodying an older spiritual, so maybe both companies used the same song as a basis, and the breakfast collusion is just one of Those Things.

But that's all beside the point! It's the "Oh!" in syrup, on pancakes, that I want! Please.
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Response by poster: I am totally convinced it is Golden Griddle - they make such a big deal out of the spout in that first commercial there, and any other syrup brand would be more of a thick pour - not the detailed spout that allows for cursive writing on pancakes, no sirree.
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Best answer: Try here, at the 2 min mark?
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Response by poster: Holy crap I love you!!
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Thanks wheek^3 -- I've had that stupid song in my head for years!
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