Help me i.d. these kid's books
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A definite long shot, but I'm looking for the names of two of my favourite children's books from the '80's, these are picture books that were read to me about 25 years ago, and I'd love to find them for nostalgia's sake but also to read to my own children. The first was about a little boy who follows a clown into his television, I think maybe at the boy's bedtime. The second was about a boy and a monkey who go on adventures together, maybe to space, and I think there were trap doors or other neat ways of traveling. The illustrator of the book included these great doodles and tiny squiggles on every page (within the pictures not all over the text), and that's what I remember most, the great illustrations that were really intricate.
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Boy & Monkey might be the Tom and Pippo series.
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