Find this movie: topless woman with paper bag on her head
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Trying to help a friend identify a movie he saw a few minutes of when he was a kid. How it starts: A woman drives to an artist's apartment/studio, talks about relationships, takes her shirt off, puts a paper bag on her head. The artist begins to draw.

My friend's extended explanation:

When I was a kid, my father brought home the movie "Robot Jox," but the wrong cassette was in the box. The movie we saw nonetheless made quite an impression on me, my brother, and his friend, ages 7-10 at the time.

The movie cannot have been made later than 1990, and was likely made in the mid-1980s. In the first five minutes, we see someone driving around a city, presumably Los Angeles, only to arrive at an artist's apartment and studio. They start talking about their relationships, and he asks her to sit down. She takes her top off, and is naked from the waste up. She then puts a paper shopping bag over her head, and he proceeds to sketch her, topless with a paper bag over her head, while they continue to talk about their relationships.

It was at that point that my father turned off the movie. Remember, this was supposed to be "Robot Jox." At one point during these fateful five minutes, I told my father, "No, no, the robots come later!" My brother's friend remembers it as vividly as (my brother) and I do.
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NO WAY! I was just about to post a question about this same movie. I seem to remember the paper bag scene taking place at a cabin though, but I could be wrong. If I remember correctly I think there were two versions of this movie - an R (with the topless paper bag scene) and a PG-13 version (paper bag scene, not topless). Hopefully someone can help us out!
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Is this it - Femme Fatale? It's from 1991 and starred Colin Firth, Billy Zane, and Lisa Zane and took place in Los Angeles. You can see a scene similar to the one you described here.
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Here's the start of Femme Fatale. The woman appears at about 9 minutes in.
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Is this not Two Or Three Things I know About Her? Though I think the protagonist is walking up and down naked with a paper bag over her head. And then the guy suggests something and she says 'Non. Pas ├ža.'

Sorry, no links, I saw that movie 40ish years ago. I suppose it could have been dubbed?
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It's Femme Fatale. My friend's mind is blown by the power of the hive. Thanks!
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