Where can a girl get a drink in D.C.?
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A friend will be travelling to D.C. on business later this week and is thinking of getting a nightcap one night at a local gay bar. She is wondering if anyone would be able to recommend a ladies friendly pub close to Union Station? She's staying at the Phoenix Park Hotel. TIA
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There is Phase 1 in Eastern Market, which is a short cab ride from Union Station.

I would check out reviews online though to make sure it is your scene. I've only been with friends a couple of times and didn't love it. However, take my opinion of it with a grain of salt as I'm straight and apparently when we went it was during a big yearly event they have so it was very crowded and chaotic. I've been told it's generally a little more laid back.
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I think the request for things close to Union Station makes this challenging because there is not really a lot of cool stuff there at all. H St is nearby and has some of the best bars in the city, but I don't know if any of them are gay bars.
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Phase One is literally the only lesbian bar in DC. I know it's pathetic given the size of the metro area, but there you have it.
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Thanks for the information, I'll pass this along to her.
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