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After reading the Wikipedia entry on Wilhelm Reich, I'd like to learn more about his life. However, I don't want to start with his own work, or with people who follow his teachings now (a quick scan of Amazon suggests they're popular with the David Icke/woo crowd) - I'd prefer something objective and accessible to those who are not as familiar with the various branches of psychoanalysis. Any suggestions?
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If you can, find a copy of "A book of dreams" by his son Peter Reich. Great place to start. (You can see a copy in Kate Bush's video for Cloudbusting which is inspired by Reich).

"Fury on Earth" by Myron Sharaf is probably the best biography.

There's also the Reich comic book series by Elijah Brubaker which looks excellent although I haven't read them all.
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You may find this episode of Sawbones interesting.
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The science writer & skeptic Martin Gardner wrote about Reich's theories of orgone energy more than once.

An entire chapter of Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science is devoted to Reich & his ideas - it was published in 1957, when Reich's ideas were more well-known than they are today.

On the Wild Side (published 1992) is a collection of some of his columns from The Skeptical Inquirer and some of his other short work, and one of the columns examines the efforts of Reich's devotees to create a functional cloudbuster/rainmaker.
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Wilhelm Reich? This is for later... the 1971 semi-documentary... WR: Mysteries of the Organism
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