What was that novel that mentions grissini as a sexual metaphor?
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I read a novel that has lots of sexual scenarios, one of which involves a "frigid" woman who is repeatedly offered grissini (breadsticks) by a waiter as a subliminally sexual seduction. There was another ongoing scene in which a woman was a research subject for testing orgasm response. Why? Because I can't remember and like the pirate with the steering wheel belt buckle, it's driving me nuts. Thanks!
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Those sound really vaguely like scenes in 1982 Janine by Alasdair Gray, in which case they're some of the narrator's elaborate pornographic fantasies as he tries to stave off a suicide attempt, but my memory of that book is hazy enough that I can't offer it with confidence.
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Sounds like things Nicholson Baker would write.
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Aha! Literally popped into my head — "The Vertical Smile" by Richard Condon.

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