Looking for Powder at Jackson Hole
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A friend and I will be visiting Jackson Hole for the first time next weekend, and we're looking to get the most out of our trip. Can anyone recommend where to look for good powder stashes, even several days after the last storm? We're both experts (me on skis, him on a board) and don't mind hiking for powder. We're not equipped for the backcountry so we'll have to stay in bounds, but we'd really like to explore what the resort has to offer. If you're a Jackson Hole pro, and happen to be in town next weekend, and wouldn't mind serving as a tour guide for some out of towners, send me a message. We're always looking to meet new friends and we'd be happy to repay you in beers at the end of the day!
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I love Jackson but haven't been in a few years.

Moran Woods were always good for some smooshing around the trees several days after the most recent storm, and I remember using "bird in the hand" to access some pretty awesome stuff.

I'd be careful about heading into any backcountry, snowpack has been rather unstable this year at higher elevations, but not bad lower down.

Also you might have good luck asking around on the TGR forums... given TGR is based out of jackson.
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TGR is a good resource as would Epic Ski. Post there and offer to buy someone a drink and perhaps you will get lucky.

To be honest Jackson is an enormous mountain with lots of different exposures with lots elevation. The snow conditions are going to vary a ton across the mountain. In general areas with tight trees will have a lot more fresh snow than wide open areas such as the Hobacks but honestly you need someone with more experience than someone with me.
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Can anyone recommend where to look for good powder stashes,

Take thee to GRAND TARGHEE for a day. It's a two hour car ride from Jackson Hole and pretty much the last word on powder skiing. If it's dumping stay away because the mountain will be cloaked in fog... but the next day.
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