Disabling certain lockscreen widgets on a Samsung Galaxy S3
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3 (mmm jelly beans). I frequently use my phone to listen to podcasts via Doggcatcher or audiobooks via Audible. Since the update to 4.3, when audio is playing, the lockscreen defaults to showing a Doggcatcher or Audible widget, meaning I have to swipe in order to get to the lockscreen proper to see e.g. the clock, which is most frequently what I'd like to see. I would like it to stop doing this.

However, I don't want to disable *all* lockscreen widgets, because my preference is to run DashClock, since it kicks the pants off the Samsung stock lockscreen (which is essentially useless). It seems to me in digging through options that I have to have all or nothing. Is this true? Or is there someway to run DashClock on the lockscreen without having other widgets appear in its place?
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Are you unlocking with your power button or the home key? Because on my LG F3 if I unlock with the power button I get that sort of thing but if I unlock with the home key I go straight to the regular unlock screen.
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There should be an option inside DoggCatcher or Audible to turn off their lockscreen widgets, meaning it would just keep doing what it is already doing. I don't use either of those apps, but I know there is one inside PocketCasts which I do use, and the checkmark is listed to enable lockscreen controls.
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A-ha. Yes. If anyone out there is similarly confused, these are apparently referred to as "lockscreen buttons." Thanks.
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