Ultra-friendly free forum software?
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We're building a website for seniors and want to make it easy for them to get into bulletin board-style discussions that you can register for with Facebook or other really easy login, similar to the forums at Gawker. Is such a thing freely available somewhere? We've been experimenting with BBPress but so far it seems a little bit hard for our audience to get into, unless maybe there is some module out there that makes it easier?
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My grandma's website, orthostatictremor.org, has done fine with phpBB - the main trick is just guiding the process to signup and being there to help people register.
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Have you considered Discourse?
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If you don't have a host that meets the (fairly strict) system requirements that Discourse has, Vanilla Forums supports login with Twitter, Facebook, Google, OpenID and I believe add-ons exist for more, and it runs on the same PHP/MySQL stack that phpBB does. I use it on a site I maintain and I like it. It uses Markdown for formatting by default, which may either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your audience, but I believe you can slap a WYSIWYG editor on top of it via add-ons.

One caveat, some of the latest add-ons require Vanilla 2.2, which is only released via their Git repository. I run 2.0 because I don't need everything 2.2 offers (and I'm too lazy to migrate, and it's the version my host provides via softaculous, yadda-yadda), but I'd probably recommend at least trying out 2.2. There's even an ArsTechnica guide to setting up Vanilla using Git.
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I came here looking for exactly the same advice!

I'd already been looking at Vanilla Forums and it seemed to be a good solution - I was looking for something that didn't have the awful, overly complicated appearance of things like phpBB, was easy to install and manage and made participating as easy as possible. I ended up installing Vanilla (v 2.1.1), which was available as a 'one-click' install from my hosting provider and it has been very easy to set up the way I want it.

It does allow for sign-in via Facebook, Google etc - there is a bit of mucking around to enable the Facebook sign-in, but the instructions were quite clear and it wasn't complicated. There is a plugin already installed but not activated by default (very easy to do) that provides a full WYSIWYG editor for posts and comments.

I manage a site with WordPress and, because I was looking initially for something integrated with WordPress, I tried BBpress and found it incredibly difficult to configure or get to work properly at all. There is a WordPress plugin that allows the Vanilla forum to be embedded in a WordPress site, which I found useful as it keeps people on the site and reduces confusion about where people are and how to find the forum or find their way back to the site.
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