What cool events can I attend in the US next month?
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I'm involved with an organization at my university that has funds for members to travel to events that are relevant to their interests or fields of study. I'd like to take advantage of this before I graduate in May. So, I'm looking for conferences/events/etc. that are occurring in the United States (no passport) during the month of April. The organization has a pretty large amount of funds left, so let's assume that cost is not an issue. (I mean, nothing crazy. Let's keep it under a few thousand). My interests are many and varied. I'm majoring in geography, so I like maps. I like design, architecture, journalism, web stuff, arts, literature, history, and food. Seriously, I can get interested in anything. Ideally, this event would allow some flexibility so that I can explore whatever place it's in.

So, what's happening, Metafilter?
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Response by poster: One more thing. Due to coursework restraints, this should probably be less than four days. Flying in on Friday and out on Sunday night or Monday night would be great.
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Have you ever been to the AAG? Thousands of interesting geography talks and posters.
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California Centeric, but I couldn't find anything else this spring.
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I would check out Lanyrd and browse for some things that interest you in an area you would like to visit. I found this interesting one in NYC, Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS), just as an example.
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Austin Food and Wine Festival-April 25-27

UFO Conference in Erie, PA, April 26. (that just sounds weird.)

Interop in Las Vegas.

Here is a list of things going on in Puerto Rico. Don't need a passport for Puerto Rico. Saborea Puerto Rico sounds like a winner. I'd go!
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DC Cherry Blossom Festival
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Boston Marathon! April 21st!
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