Giving the gift of mail-order fruit.
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I want to ship some fruit as a gift to a friend (within the US). I know that apples and pears from Harry and David are tasty, but I'm interested in other options.

I'd like some combination of:

1. Small scale farms/co-ops, or at least not owned by private equity (as Harry and David is).
2. Somewhat reasonable prices- I don't mind spending some money, but I'd like better value than 6lbs of organic fruit for $70 (plus shipping) if it exists.
3. Organic options available.
4. Fruit grown in the US.
5. One time gifts available, not CSAs or fruit of the month clubs.

I don't know if I'll find something that hits all my goals, and I'm flexible about all of them. I don't mind using a smaller company or farm without a web option, I'm happy to call.

I know about Isabelle's Orange Orchard in Louisiana. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, but they lost all their fruit this year in a hard freeze. Googling yields a lot of fruit of the month clubs, as well as some more corporate options. Basically, the closer to the farmer the better for me. Thank you!
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Where is your friend located? Some of my local CSAs will happily do a one-time thing, but only in their local area.
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The best citrus I've ever eaten in my life was from Hale Groves in Florida.
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The recipient is in Arizona.
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Hmm, would you consider Cherry Moon Farms, part of the ProFlowers group? They essentially are the middle man for local growers, it looks like.
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Oh, and this outfit has some nice looking boxes of local organic Arizona fruit, and they appear to support Arizona local organic growers.
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Local Harvest is my go-to source for sending fruit baskets from small farms to recipients nationwide.
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The Fruit Company is still family-run, has some organic options, and are definitely broadly committed to sustainability and being responsible members of their community. I've been to their orchards and eaten their fruit, and it was delicious. It's still Harry and David expensive, but meets the rest of your criteria.
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