Job title for CEOs right-hand man
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Please help come up with a job title for a new position. This is a small company (~25) focused on marketing and associated software development. The person in this position is tasked with working directly with the CEO to extract his visions of new ideas, then creating mock-ups or final graphic designs as needed.

The person does not do executive administrative tasks. They will occasionally work with or mentor an existing graphic design department, of which they were formally the Creative Director.
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Senior user experience designer?
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Chief Creative Officer
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Creative Director sounds pretty close.
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Chief Creative (Officer) is what I'd recommend as well.
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Often people who work s a right hand man for a CEO are called a "CEO Executive Assistant" or "Strategic Assistant to the CEO" or similar even if they do no PA-type work.

In your context, where they were a senior manager like a Creative Director if they are formally in the org chart as someone every part of the key creatives report into somehow or need to take heed of then I'd pick one of Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Strategist, Head of Creative Strategy. If not, I'd be more inclined to call them a "Strategic Advisor" or "Creative Advisor" or use a term like "Associate" to emphasise they were slightly outside the org chart.
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I like MuffinMan's approach. At amazon, the technical assistant or technical advisor to the CEO does something like that. If they don't have direct reports or a management role other than occasionally working with or mentoring the graphics design department, I wouldn't think they would have a title that includes "Chief" or "Director".
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Having trouble understanding what is happening with the designs--are they becoming software developments? If so maybe Director of User Experience?
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A "design" will be a digital or print graphic, or mock-up of a website or application interface.

The position will not be a management role.
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Conceptual Developer
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I am confused - is this person working for CFO in the sense of helping with work that is on the CO'S list but CFO is too busy for? Or is this person doing whatever as a direct report to the CFO?
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CEO, not CFO. CEO has an idea, but doesn't have the design skills or time to create it. This person deciphers a vague idea description, creates a visual, then continues to refine the idea with the CEO. Part sounding board, part story board artist, part graphics/UX designer.
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Any title you want that matches the level of the role and the responsibilities.

"Director of Implementation." "Director of Strategic Planning." "Senior Project Manager." "Head of Special Projects." "Special Projects Coordinator."

If this person won't manage other people in any way or working directly with other departments, you could maybe make it "Senior Adviser for ____." i.e. "Senior Adviser for Project Development."
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I've heard COO (Chief Operating Officer) used to describe this role before, but it's a term that means many things to many people - Operations can cover anything from being in charge of what the company does to being in charge of making sure all the company's internal services (HR, Finance, IT, internal development, etc.) do what they're meant to do.
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Strategic assistant is the title we would use in my organisation.
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