1099s sent off to IRS, 1096 left behind. Now what?
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Theoretically, say you are a small business/non-profit and you mailed off ~150 1099 forms to the IRS last week (deadline was 2/28). Say you came into work this morning and the 1096 summary form that is supposed to accompany the 1099s was found to have fallen out of the envelope and onto the floor before sealing. How would one go about resolving this?
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Give them a call. Numbers are here; you probably want (800) 829-4933.

My grandmother worked for the IRS; when I ran into a SNAFU a couple years back. (IRS claimed I hadn't paid my taxes, when I had), my dad reminded me that the majority of the employees there are like my grandmother. That is, not really scary, and willing to help you out if you made an honest mistake. And that they did.
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What damayanti said.
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