Oh where oh where could the password be?
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How do I reset the password on an Inova LightLink LED Display (CFM24.2005)?

We just got a hold of a large scrolling LED display here at work, but to do anything useful it wants us to enter a password. We bought it used and it didn't come with any sort of documentation. It is an Inova LightLink LED Display (CFM24.2005).

The Inova Solutions website is largely useless, and their support site wants us to pay for a support contract before we can view any content whatsover.

Do any of you fine folks know how we could go about resetting the password on this beast?
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Rereading the back, that should be "CFM24.200S"
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(My apologies if you already tried either of these)

First, you could contact them. They might be a little generous given the simplicity of your question.

Also, it mentions that it's configured via a Windows application...does that program have any kind of built-in help function?

Second, you might try various default passwords. A blank password, 'password', 123, admin, default, etc.

There might be a reset button somewhere on the device, but that will likely simply reset the password to the factory default, which you don't know, rather than blanking it out.

Hoo boy...so a little poking around the Inova Displays website produced this documentation directory. Unfortunately the files in it seem to be concerned almost exclusively with the OnTime Clock. But, said clock is also configured over the ethernet, and it's password protected. The bad news is, the manual says that the default password is shipped with the device. I presume this means that it's specific to each unit.

If the wall displays are done the same way, you're out of luck for the time being. On the other hand, if they failed to include said password, then they've got some 'splainin to do.
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Who did you buy it from, and why aren't you asking them?
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If the person/company that sold it to you lost the password, then they sold you something you can't use, so I agree that you should lean on them.

On the inova-support.com site you can get a glimpse of the documents available, including the installation manual, but all the links require a username and password. I have never seen such a greedy and stingy company before. They seem to lock up every single conceivable piece of information about their product and make you pay for a support contract to see any of it. Bastards.
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