How are cool kids job searching / cool companies talent hunting?
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After LinkedIn and CL, what job search / personal promotion boards / apps etc are used by a (say) 28 year old with a good few years of experience who is NOT a programmer or licensed professional (doctor, lawyer, etc). Same question for quality employers looking for that kind of applicant?
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A good few years of experience in what? And targeting what kinds of jobs?
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Something like Talent Rocket (though they have yet to launch)?
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I think the answer is the same as it always has been: networking.
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Sadly, I think LinkedIn and your personal network are pretty much it. I kept track when I was looking for a new job a couple of years ago and everything else was a waste of time.
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If you want an answer besides "LinkedIn and networking" we're going to need to know your industry. Any answer more specific than that is likely to be industry-specific.
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Was asked by a couple of people in the demographic recently. One -- Ivy Leaguer in consumer products marketing / brand management; the other -- by-the-bootstraps (no college degree, up from a clerical job) contract manager / vendor liaison in manufacturing.
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LinkedIn is still what most companies (even the cool ones) are using. That and referrals are still the best way to find a job and be found by recruiters.
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Sadly, I think LinkedIn and your personal network are pretty much it.

I fully agree, as a hiring manager. I actually don't need to go seek applicants - we're inundated with every job opening we have - so I don't troll employment websites, though I know some big mass hirers have to do that. Personal network matters a lot. Have a great website or web presence of some kind that's all your own, and make sure I can find it on Google. And have a very strong LinkedIn page. Once I have a good clutch of serious candidates, I go on the web to look at them personally. The effort you'd have spent listing yourself on 10 bazillion employment sites is better going into enhancing your LinkedIn, creating a great website of your own, and - incidentally - shining up the rest of your presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, with the idea that a Googling employer is going to find them too.
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In NYC I would try AngelList. It is mostly for programmers and sales people looking for startups to connect to, but there are some marketing and entry level gigs on there and recruiters do troll it looking for prospects in a variety of areas.
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And if you're looking for Non-profit marketing jobs is great.
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Also for NY start-ups, there are many start-up meetup groups on Meet Up, one in every borough, plus the big one, NY Tech Meetup, which is run by Mefis own Anil Dash.

And if you're just looking to scour company websites for open positions check out Made In NY.

I would NOT use The Ladders, people I know have said they have had bad experiences with them.
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Number One: Ivy League university Alumni Association. Great for targeting people that have something in common with you. First step is the informational interview, which always ends with 1) do you know anyone else I should talk to, in your organization or another? and 2) do you know if there are any opportunities available in this field (not necessarily for their organization)? I moved myself to Japan and then to France, in large part thanks to these interviews.
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