Creative solutions for tiny bedroom. Halp!
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My guy and I live in a lovely apartment with a very small bedroom. We're able to fit a queen-sized bed and a dresser, but not much else. One problem we're facing is a lack of space for nightstands. We both would like some space to keep our phones (mostly because of our alarms), reading materials and maaaybe a tiny lamp. I have a small amount of space on my side of the bed and could potentially fit a small tripod-style stand. (any suggestions on where to find one of those are welcome!) He has no space. He has under the bed space. There is also an unused door that always stays shut on his side, so we were thinking possibly of getting some sort of hanging shelf that can be hung on the doorknob. Do those even exist? Any ideas? Thanks creative hivemind!
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Best answer: Headboard storage! This site has great ideas, if you like the styles...
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Is there enough room to hang one of these over the door, or something like it?

A bookcase headboard? Put the storage space behind you instead of next to you.

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If you're going small/cheap/simple, shower caddy on the doorknob.
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Use wall-mounted sconces for light instead of bedside lamps. These fun, hanging lamps were cheap to construct, and they draw the eye all the way to the ceiling in the bedroom of this house tour.
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I agree with onecircleaday. When my wife and I lived in an apartment as newlyweds we had a bookcase headboard and it worked great for books, alarm clock etc. though I imagine wall shelving over the bed would also have worked (the only downside was it, ahemm, sometimes would bang against the wall). Of course this is also not the cheapest solution.
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I installed a small shelf on the wall next to my bed for my phone, books, and a glass of water.
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Best answer: The minimalist approach: a between-the-mattresses storage caddy.
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Seconding the wall shelf. Mr. Trixie Bee installed one on "my" side of the sofa where there was no room for a side table. I love it, and use it for phones, drinks, small plates, magazines, etc. Just check the weight it can hold if you buy it as a kit, and make sure it's installed properly.
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Wall mounted reading lamps perhaps?
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Best answer: Does your bed have a headboard? Clip on reading lamps that can attach to your headboard are avaliable from a lot of places, like bed bath and beyond.

If you don't have a headboard, Ikea has some storage headboard options that might work for you.

Phone charging wall shelf by OXO. And a Pinteresty DIY version.

Floating minimalist bookshelf.

Door knob organizers are a thing.
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If you want to maximize that door as storage space, how about a doorganizer. I use one in my bathroom since I have basically no counter space.
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A captain's bed. It has headboard storage and under-bed storage.
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We put a $10 ledge over our bed. You can clip lamps to it, so you don't need to wall-mount lighting. You can combine that with a book sling below, and you'll have a setup laid out like this (but that actually provides storage.)
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I have a little studio condo with a bed nook that leaves the tiniest possible space on either side of the bed. I put in a small floating shelf and a hanging pendant lamp, both from IKEA (the shelf cut down from a larger one).
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If you find most over the door storage over-bearing, like I do, maybe you'd like this. It doesn't hold as much but it looks a lot better. Also, it works even if you don't have space between the door for one of the over-the-door hangers.
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You can probably hang a veggie basket on the door knob.
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You can also hang wall baskets: 1, 2.
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I don't have a link for this but try googling Neat Sheets. It's a company that sells sheet sets with pockets sewn into the sides of the fitted sheet. I use them and they are awesome -- perfect for phones, books and other small objects.
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