I want to get this album, but I can't remember the artist or title.
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I saw the cover and lyrics previewed on a review site a while ago, for a metal album, I believe it was a concept album, about the girls tried in the Salem trials actually being witches.

I think the cover depicted a circle of young women in the woods, around a ghostly Lucifer in the center (though it might not have actually pictured the women themselves; that's the way I remember it)

I think that all of the songs were about the same story (though it may have just been the title track).

It was very poetic and subtle, sort of a historical horror fiction, and of course, a metal album (death or black metal). Does the hive know what it might have been?
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Best answer: Is it Salem 1692 by Ceremonial Castings?
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Response by poster: Hell yes. Thank you!
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