Where to get feedback on a French play?
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My friend is a French expat living in the USA and is almost finished writing a play--in French. She is looking for some feedback on her work from people who are decent speakers of French and know enough about writing for theater, or fiction in general, but it's been surprisingly difficult to find such people. Do you have any ideas for helping her find such people?

She is semi-active in local theater groups but finding French speakers is difficult. Conversely, her french family and friends are not really able to provide the feedback she's looking for (and the feedback might be a bit too close to home).

Thanks in advance!
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Is she in or near a city with an Alliance Francaise?
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Princeton's L'Avant Scene?
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You don't say where in the USA exactly, which makes it seem like the location might not matter too much, but I guess France is awkward with the time-zone?
Anywho... in Qu├ębec, if it makes sense to find an organization here, everything is in French. Time-zone is EST, and Montreal in particular has a lot of theatre companies. She should be able to find someone here if she looks; I'd imagine all the appropriate people will have websites, and they will definitely be in French, so it should be fairly easy for her to search.

Good Luck.

P.S. I don't know someone who can give the appropriate feedback, or I'd offer them up :)
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How about a college French Literature class?
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