Best succulents and exotic houseplants nursery on my route?
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I'm driving roundtrip next week from KS to TX, and along the way I'll be passing through these cities: Oklahoma City, OK and Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Medina, TX. In or nearby any of these cities, do you know about a fabulously awesome and dirt cheap nursery, open on Saturdays, that sells succulents/cacti and potentially other houseplants/exotics as well? I'm not interested in outdoor stock (trees/grasses/annuals/etc).

I'd love to stock up on plants that my nearby nurseries either don't offer or only offer for premium prices. I'm a total houseplant nerd (though a frugal one!), so Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot is not the type of recommendation I'm looking for though I may hit up one as well just to grab any good clearance plants.

I'm particularly interested in a good succulent/cacti selection and secondarily interested in a good bromeliad selection.
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As a huge plant nerd in Oklahoma City, you should totally stop by Crystal Bridge Conservatory at Myriad Gardens. I believe the gift shop sells some succulents and cacti, and even if they don't they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction. Also, it's an utterly gorgeous space, one of my fondest memories of going to Oklahoma all the time as a kid.
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Does J & J Cactus and Succulents look interesting? This is about 6 miles east of I-35 in Midwest City, just east of Oklahoma City. Open by appointment only.
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In Austin, my favorite nurseries are Natural Gardener and Barton Springs Nursery. Neither are "dirt cheap" but both have great succulent selections and some very knowledgeable staff.

You might also look at the events and vendors for the Austin Succulent Society -- they point to some nurseries in and around the area.
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Best answer: Check out East Austin Succulents. They are pretty close off I-35 (at 7th-ish and Tillery), and succulents are their forte :)
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Best answer: Seconding East Austin Succulents. Amazing selection and they are very cheap.
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Response by poster: Went to East Austin Succulents, was impressed by their selection and overall pricing and acquired a whole box full of new specimens. My current favorite of the bunch is my new Lophocereus schottii f. monstrosus "totem pole cactus." Thanks!
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