Start-Up Advice for a Photography Firm
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What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt from trying to start a photography startup? Experiences will help. I want to know what tools you used, the challenges that you faced and how you overcame them. Specifically for a one or two-person run people & travel photography startup.
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Best advice I got was from the photographer I interned with during high school. He used the "flinch" method of giving job estimates. He would quote the basic cost, and if the client did not flinch he would say "of course X Y and Z are an extra charge". If the client did flinch then he would say "of course, that will also include X & Y as part of the package"
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Best advice would be to sit down and do a proper business plan. How will you find customers? What will you charge? Who is your customer base? How are they served today? What is the size of the market? What is your expected throughput? How will we make money? What will our expenses be? Will we actually make money?

etc. And so on. The same things that are the most important things from starting any startup.
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