What are these white things on the stems of my blueberry plants?
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These white growths were on the stems of one of my blueberry plants here in Washington, DC. I guessed they weren't anything beneficial and they popped off pretty easily in the cold. The inside/undersides are sort of pinkish red. What are they?
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Its a bug called scale. I'd check with the ag extensions in MD or VA for best practices for removal.

Usually though its horticultural oil as a treatment - which is pretty benign so far as these things go.
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I think you're right
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It's wax scale. Just pop them off the stem and squish 'em. The ones you are seeing are the mature females, which if left untreated (unsquished:) will each produce hundreds of eggs in April. They feed on the sap of the host plant, so obviously if left untreated they can present a problem.
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