What game is this?
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Can anyone tell what board game this is supposed to be, if any?

I inherited what I think is a board game from my Grandma (here's a photo). It consists of a round, wooden board with 25 divots in a square and 3 divots on each side. There are also 38 marbles of various stones that someone glued on a type written name on each stone (I can't imagine why the names of the stones matter for the game, but who knows). There are a few duplicate stones but not all are.

I thought maybe you store the stones in the outer ring and play them on the board or the other way around. Or it could just be a display for the marbles.

I'm not much of a game player. I thought it might be some form of parchesi but I haven't had any luck with Google.
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I think its a form of solitaire. You take one marble out then jump one over the other into the unoccupied spots. The less you have on the board when you're done is the best. I have no idea why the stones are labeled unless just to be informative.
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European peg solitaire board.
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Oops -- here's the actual wiki page with more information.
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Also called Marble Solitaire

What are the marble names?
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The marble names (that I can make out) look like labels for the type of mineral/stone that each is made of.
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It looks like a peg solitaire board repurposed as a display for the minerals. Otherwise there should be one less marble vs. the number of divots in the board.

Was your grandmother a rockhound and/or friends with a rockhound? My parents are rock enthusiasts and polishing/acquiring marbles for a display is something they'd think to do.
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Wow… thanks for the quick response!

Grandma was the furthest from a rock hound you could get so I'm not sure where she got this and I'm certain she didn't label the stones. The rock names are (from top left, as typed):

Row 1: microcline, corderite, chrysoprase,
Row 2: jaspe, jaspe, jaspe rouge, spinelle, calcite
Row 3: jaspe imprime, quartz, quartz, crystal, crystal, quartz, gabbro, grenatite (on rim)
Row 4: apatite, septaria, mabre, microcline, calcite, cipolin, q. hematoide rouge
Row 5: araghonite, spinelle, dolomie, calcite, sphene, spinelle, amazonite
Row 6: septaria, q. hematoide, columbite, feldspath, aragonite
Row 7: calcite cornaline, q. hematoide rouge

Some seem to be misspellings (marbre, feldspath etc.) but maybe was made in a non-english country? Any hints on the true names or country of origin of this particular game?
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Looks like the labels are in French. You can probably get English translations by plugging them into google.
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Most of them are the same names in English as in French, eg microcline, apatite, chrysoprase, hematoid.

jaspe = jasper
rouge = red
spinelle = spinel
imprimé = printed, probably painted jasper
q = quartz
feldspath = feldspar
dolomie = dolomite
araghonite = aragonite

Googling/wikipediaing either the English or French should work in most cases. Very pretty!
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I'm not sure where she got this and I'm certain she didn't label the stones

I've seen this exact thing for sale as a gift/novelty/decor item. It came with the stones already labeled.

The names of the stones and the different colors are unimportant to the game. It's just meant to look pretty and be educational.
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Here's one which is pretty close to yours.... These were common in "nature" stores, museum gift shops, that kind of thing, at least in the 90s.
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