What's it like working at Kessler Institute, New Jersey?
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Close friend is thinking of applying for a research position there, however they've heard mixed things about the area and the institute. Does anyone have any first (or second) hand experience working there that they are willing to share? thanks!
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they've heard mixed things about the area

The Kessler Institute has three locations in New Jersey: Chester, West Orange, and Saddle Brook. Which one would they be at, and what sort of area is your friend coming from? The three towns are about as different as towns get in suburban New Jersey.

Chester has a charming little downtown but there's not much going on there unless you like farm stands and antiques.

West Orange has very wealthy sections (Thomas Edison's mansion is there. There's a Whole Foods.) and some not-so-great sections. Montclair is nearby, which has a walkable downtown, independent movie theater, good restaurants, etc.

Saddle Brook is a very uninteresting cookie-cutter suburb with a Taco Bell.

(I live in Montclair and I was raised in Saddle Brook.)
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thanks for the reply. Any insight into the institution itself? They'd be primarily involved in the West Orange building.
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