How do i sync a non amazon purchased .mobi file using kindle?
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A friend of mine has passed on to me a few books that are .mobi files. I read them using the kindle app on my ipad and iphone. I have done some notation on either device and would like to sync them but I a assuming because I did not purchase these from amazon, I can not sync them. I have tried the usual method one uses when they are syncing a purchased book unsuccessfully. Are you aware of a simple work around?
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What model Kindle do you have? I think you can just sync them using a third-party app like Calibre. That's what I do with my Kindle keyboard. Have you tried that?
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Calibre will work as Jessmyn mentioned, also you can do it via email.

Be aware that books not purchased via Amazon will not have their positions synced. You can't read on one device and pick up where you left off on another without paging to the same spot.
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For .mobi files, I plug my Kindle into my computer via USB cable. Then I put the files in the "Documents" folder. Presto. This is with a Kindle keyboard version of the Kindle. I do the same with my first generation Fire.

I also do the Calibre thing, but drag & drop is the fastest, most direct way if you don't already have Calibre.

You might also poke around in your Amazon account for the "manage my kindle" section and see if there is an email address to send your things to your kindle for free (there are two addresses, I think, one free and one paid) if you want to do it the wifi way instead.
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In your Kindle settings (at least in the app) you should have a "Send-To-Kindle Email Address." You can email the .mobi there and it should sync across your devices.
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Unfortunately there's NO work around, because Amazon uses it's proprietary WhisperSync to sync your .mobi's across devices.
You can use Calibre to manage your documents, but you're going to have to use your brain and memory to remember where you were when you go from device to device.
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You can also upload files using Amazon's Send To Kindle applications for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

It is possible now to sync the reading position of your uploaded files across Kindle apps/devices. (This wasn't always the case, which may explain the differing answers above.) Sync will only work for files sent through Amazon's apps or email service. It won't work for PDF files, or for files copied onto a Kindle via USB (which includes files managed by Calibre).
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The other advantage of using the email send to kindle is that the documents then are in the collection and can be downloaded on demand to other kindles/kindle apps.
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