I want a share of the (Australian) share market
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What are some good online information sources for investing in the Australian share market. Looking for all options be they paid or unpaid, blogs, discussion boards, newsletters etc. I have an advisor but I am looking to check his advice as well as develop my own sense of what constitutes a good investment. Google is giving me too many options.
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Jubey's husband; Hi there, my wife asked me this question as I'm a retail investment advisor at a large Australian firm you've definitely heard of. The answer to your question is no. The problem is there is too much information online and on tv, I would spend 10% of my working hours on the phone to clients talking them out of making silly decisions because of what they "heard" on the street or read online.

Quality investment outcomes come as a result of measuring your risk appetite, constructing a portfolio that's right for you and then obviously assessing what return you have generated along the way. You need to able to block out the "market noise" that comes with blogs, daily commentators and newspapers - good luck!
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