Find photos of those killed in Ukraine's Maidan protests?
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Does anyone know where I can find individual photos of those people who have died during the recent protests on the Maidan in Kyiv, Ukraine?

Those killed are now sometimes being referred to as the Небесна Сотня ("Heavenly Hundred"). There is a list of the deceased on Wikipedia that looks fairly comprehensive.

I am not searching for images of any of the dead on the street or in hospital, etc., just photos of their faces. I'm looking for both protesters and police that have died.

I have found images of grouped photos such this and this, but the images are small and any names difficult to read. So I'm hoping to find something basically like the wikipedia list above, but with photos for each person.

I have found about 24 photos via the Euromaidan PR twitter feed, but that's it.

By the way, I am not searching for anyone I know or anything, so nobody panic.
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hm I thought I had seen pretty good memorials on facebook over the past few days, but I'm not finding anything better than the wikipedia page.

The best photo to name I could do is this image, which only has about 1/3rd of the dead... and it doesn't help if you can't read cyrillic. (although by your user name I'm assuming you do, if not I can match up english translation to ukrainian for you)

You might have good luck searching "euromaidan" on facebook, but bing defeated me there.
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Duh. Facebook was the key suggestion. I quit my personal FB cold turkey a couple of years ago so it has never been part of my search regimen. The Heaven's Hundred FB page is useful, which also led me out to their page. Thanks.
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