ASP.NET on my Mac?
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Can I set up a local server that serves up ASP pages on my Mac?

Right now I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and Parallels, which is obviously slow. I tried installing Mono but the Mac installer is missing a package. I had been hoping to use the mod_mono Apache module to just have MAMP or the Mac's default Apache server serve up the ASP pages. Ideally, I'd like something like that, but Google/Stack Overflow, etc have been unhelpful in finding a solution to this.
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The most straightforward way is going to be Windows in a VM.
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Best answer: Seconding the VM. If it has to be native, you could try using Homebrew to install Mono. Here's a possible way to do it.
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Anything that is not a VM solution is going to require constant fiddling. Have you maxed out the ram on your Mac so you can allocate more ram to your VM? An SSD can also dramatically increase The performance of your windows VM.
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Best answer: Caveat: I'm a .NET developer that works in Windows and has some Linux know-how but very limited MacOS experience.

I assume you're doing this to develop an web app locally. Basically, your options are Mono or Visual Studio; there's pretty much nothing else out there. Mono has a FAQ about which may help you get running. You might also try using a different web server that supports FastCGI (like nginx) instead of mucking around with the built-in Apache. There is apparently also a built-in development webserver called XSP that you might want to investigate. That said, it looks like mod_mono and XSP are not included in the binary distribution and must be compiled from source. Here is their guide to compiling Mono from source on OSX.

If it were me, I'd probably look into using Boot Camp to switch into Windows and run VS from there. If you're heavily tied to MacOS apps for productivity, this might be a non-starter, in which case your least-fiddly solution will be to continue using a VM.
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