Your Theoretical Minimum
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Inspired by this post on the blue, I'm interested in the most condensed and most up-to-date overview of everything in your field.

There is probably some overlap with this thread, but it is 7 years old, and its closed. And I"m not primarily interested in accessibility, though it is certainly a good thing. I'm particularly interested in: modern evolutionary theory (including epigenetics and behavioral genetics), post-bubble economics and finance, human psychology, linguistics, and criminal and social justice. But anything and everything, in any format (videos, coursera courses, podcasts, whatever) is welcome.
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Recently read this comic book overview of Economics, Economix. Their website has a great teaching guide as well.
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The Principles of Digital Audio by Ken Pohlmann was a fantastic resource that I used when I was switching into my current position as an audio applications engineer.
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If it's at all possible to concisely sum up history-as-a-field (rather than history-as-a-collection-of-histories), I'd say John Lewis Gaddis' The Landscape of History is a very good attempt. It's at least a good read on historiography, anyway.
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