Name That Late 90's Shampoo-Filter!
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Asking for a friend: "I am more that a little embarrassed at how much time I spent trying to figure out what shampoo/conditioner I used to use in the late '90s. It came from the grocery store; the kind I got was in a light blue cylindrical bottle, with this weird cap where you pulled the whole thing up but the middle stayed down. It smelled SO GOOD -- a faintly citrus, faintly marine smell. If I could find it I would pay like $30 on ebay for a bottle just so I could reverse-engineer that smell." Any ideas, Hive?...
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Sounds like Jhirmack to me. Although I don't remember a trick bottle. Seems like they only make one kind now.

The shampoo was bright blue and it had a very marine/beachy smell, tempered with fruit.
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I don't think it's Jhirmack, that's for silver hair. Alterna has a blue bottle with that type of cap, and a variety of different scents, but I don't totally think it was that either, because I think I remember what you're talking about and it's going to bug me too now...
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Jhirmack used to be for everyone. I think the silver stuff is the only one they make now.
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I remember the old Pantene bottles were like this, before the Pro-V rebranding. But those are older than she's thinking.

I also definitely had some sort of shampoo around the early 2000s that came in a sorta robin's-egg opaque cylindrical bottle with a dark brown pully-uppy cap the same width. Damned if I can remember what it was, though. This is going to haunt me.
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Ooh! The old Clairol Daily Defense was like this I think!
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I'm wondering if it was Revlon Aquamarine, a shampoo I loved and was obsessed with. It was a marine scent, it was a shimmery blue, and to me it smelled faintly of Dr. Pepper.
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Those Pantene bottle were very distinctive, but I'm wondering if your friend is talking about a push-pill cap, similar to the kinds used for dish washing soap. That would still be a little unusual for shampoo and might help to identify the one your friend is looking for. If it's neither kind a link to that specific kind of cap would probably still be helpful.
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Focus 21 Sea Plasma?
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I think masquesoporfavor is on to something with Daily Defense - I loved that shampoo and I remember it smelling similar to that. The one I used had a clear bottle with clouds on it, which might be the light blue your friend is thinking about.
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Nthing Clairol Daily Defense - I think the bottles may have been blue before the cloud style, and I remember the smell as being like you describe. Oh, that smell... (I'd keep an eye on eBay for the shampoo version of this.)
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Ding ding diiiiiiiiiing... Clairol Daily Defense for the win! She's already purchased some off of eBay. I've said it before, I'll say it again: this place is MAGIC. Thanks, guys!
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