Where can I find free NYC street maps for a for-profit travel book?
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I'm trying to create a travel book and website for tourists to NYC. Are there any resources I can use for free or very low cost in regards to the street maps in the printed version, especially those including subway and/or bus stops (nice, but not required).
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OpenStreetMap might be the place to start looking - it's under a CreativeCommons licence which, if I'm reading their notice correctly, enables you to use / copy their data as long as you attribute it, even for commercial purposes. I don't know enough about New York to tell if it has bus stops, but it certainly seems to have subways.
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This probably all depends on how turn key your want your data.

If you want something that you can create from, Census Edge data is pretty good and contains road data.

Roads are within the MTFCC field with values of S1100, S1200 and S1400.

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