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Can I use an iPhone as a wifi range extender to another iPhone?

My wireless (set up in the basement) does not reach my backyard. I want to use wifi to play Songza and Rdio through my iPhone by the pool (in the backyard). Can I use iPhone A as a mobile hotspot in my kitchen (near the backyard, but within wifi range), and then connect to that mobile hotspot with iPhone B (in the backyard)? All connections must use wifi only; I do not want to use cellular data from either phone. Is this a thing that i can do?
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Mywi can do this if you jailbreak. In the long term, you would likely be happier with a better wireless router or a second router to extend your network.
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Do you have to have the router in the basement?

In general you should have it located equidistant between all of the places you're likely to use it: the more walls the signal travels through, the weaker it gets, and floors are the worst.
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I keep it in the basement b/c I have a number of devices hardlined into it. I'm aware it's not optimal, and that the router's location is the reason my signal at present won't reach the backyard.
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I set up my laptop as a hotspot, which should have occurred to me sooner. Thanks!
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Glad you found a solution and kudos on a great thread title!
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