Fun, inexpensive "of the month" clubs
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I love the idea of Dollar Shave Club. What are some other subscription-type services I might enjoy?

I love getting stuff in the mail. So I absolutely love the idea of Dollar Shave Club, which is about $6 a month, and it's one less thing to ever worry about shopping for again. What are some other fun services that will send you things periodically, preferably at a similarly low price?

I am already familiar with Amazon's "Subscribe and save" thing in Prime. Looking for fun niche-y things, like if there was a pen of the month or a random pack of office supplies or anything, really. I mean, I would never have thought that subscribing to razors would be fun, but it is. What else is out there?
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If you have money to spend, Craft Beer of the Month Club is pretty nice.
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For only $6 you can get a Graze box of delicious snacks. If you have a friend refer you, the first box is free.
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Posting from phone but sock panda is fun....cute socks for about $11 a month.
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I subscribe to Graze (memail me if you want the friendcode link) and BarkBox. I love both of them. Graze is cheap. BarkBox is not.

I'm not a huge snacker, so Graze is really more just a novelty. BarkBox, though, has definitely saved me money in the long run. Used to be every time I was at a store I'd walk down the pet stuff aisle to grab my dog a treat and a toy. But now since I know he's going to get a box full of toys and treats in just a few short weeks, I don't do that. No more impulse dog purchases!
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We drink Tonx in my house.
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I want to warn against Sock Panda, actually-- based on how popular it was on Mefi and my sister's need for warm comfy socks, I got her a gift subscription Christmas before last (2012).

Not only did she not receive her socks, they still billed me for them and neither one of us was able to get any response from customer service, despite repeated attempts.
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Response by poster: Answering my own question a little bit ... turns out there are TONS of these things out there.
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You want to join Stunner of the need to join Stunner of the Month.
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I am a big fan of Ipsy, though I just noticed from your profile you are a guy so maybe make up isn't your thing, but if you know someone who is into make up I like it way more than many of the others out there.
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BatchNashville sends you a monthly curated selection of foods/items/etc from Southern US cities.
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There are a whole bunch of these.

Graze is probably my favorite. It's $6 every 2 weeks.

Depending on how you define "inexpensive," and on how you define "fun," there's also:

Nature Box (snacks)
Bark Box (dog treats and toys)
Conscious Box (environmentally conscious products and healthy GMO-free snacks)
Vegan Cuts (vegan products)
Glossy Box (cosmetics, may not appeal to you)
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ArtSnacks is $20 per month for art supplies.
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Check out My Subscription Addiction. It's a blog specifically reviewing this very topic!! How cool is this stuff?
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LOL, ok. I see you already found that one. ;)
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Lootcrate is like this but for nerdy stuff
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I really enjoy Skoshbox. Japanese candy and snacks for $12/mo in a tidy package.
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Birchbox wasn't my thing, but you might dig it. I also like Graze.
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My favorite thing in the world is foot cardigan, a monthly random pair of socks. It's $11 a month for men's socks (I believe a few bucks cheaper for women). Not only do I never buy socks anymore the rush of the mystery of what print will be on the socks is amazing. I have these amazing flamingo print socks I have worn to the threads.
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Graze is really great. I'm glad to see it's gotten so much traction, I wonder if they're making money.

Quarterly is fun, but not cheap. And not nearly frequent enough. It's nice if they have someone you're a mega fan of, but I stopped all of mine.
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Rad and Hungry for quirky international office supplies.
posted by bobafet at 9:19 AM on February 28, 2014 has awesome monthly boxes, and you get to opt out if you don't like that month's offering. It's not so cheap (about $40 a month) but everything is great quality and always interesting and unique. I bought a Groupon for three months at half price, so keep an eye out for deals, it was definitely worth it.
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Coming back in to say I have a few subscription box deals and I do really enjoy them! I didn't mean to be Debbie Downer on the thread. Sock Panda was actually the only subscription service I had a bad experience with!

My recommendations:

Nthing Graze!

I also have Elizabeth and Clarke, which is not exactly cheap but provides good value for the money and saves a lot of time when looking for classic staples for your wardrobe! These shipments are four times a year rather than monthly. I do like some seasons and offerings more than others, of course (I love the Orton and the Bennett, for example, while the Warren with its shoulder pads (!) is too schoolmarmish for me). Still, twenty-five dollars a shirt, in my size, no shopping to do and free returns? Can't really beat that.

My son also bought a Birchbox subscription for his gf and she really enjoyed it.
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This blog provides reviews of numerous subscription services. Don't let the mommy-blog-ness scare you away, because she has this great comprehensive list with details.

And here is a good article geared towards subscriptions you can give for gifts, but hey, you deserve something nice, too! There are many good recommendations in the 200+ comments section. It just keeps going and going, so be sure to continue to scroll down.

Also, some related previouslies from my favorites:
(1) - (2) - (3) - (4) - (5) - (6) - (7)
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Since this thread is still open, I wanted to report that I got the LootCrate March box and it included a whole set of Titanfall themed stuff:

Titanfall T-shirt in my size
Anime book
Fridge magnet, lanyard and pin
Digital code for free Titanfall game guide
Green salt water taffy for St. Patrick's Day
Coupons for discounts on stuff (most of which I probably won't buy).

Which, given that it cost less than $20, I thought was a good deal! You can hit me up on Mefimail if you want a discount link for LootCrate.
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