Is there an up-to-date podcast (rss) of Supreme Court Oral Arguments?
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Is there an up-to-date podcast (rss) of Supreme Court Oral Arguments? This podcast stopped in 2010. Is there one that's still going? If not, can web services like Yahoo Pipes help me make one? I want to listen with the Downcast app on iOS and OSX.

The Supreme Court publishes the audio (mp3) of their oral arguments here, but they don't have an rss feed of them. Even if I run that page through a feed generator (like feedburner), the structure of the site blocks a feed from being made.

I know the Oyez Project has an iTunes U feed, but that stopped updating in 2012. The Oyez Project has an up-to-date Recent Audio page, but again, no feed that'll link me to the audio, and no feed generators work because the actual mp3s are one layer deeper in the site map.

So what's an aspiring esquire to do? Is there some magic of Yahoo pipes that can traverse website hierarchies? Am I going to have to write and host a script myself that will scrape and generate the feed I want? ...Is that even legal?

The goal of this whole thing is to be able to listen to SCOTUS Oral Arguments via the Downcast App for iOS and OSX just as easily as I can listen to any other podcast. Is hearing Scalia quip from my iPhone too much to ask?!?
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Best answer: Does the RSS feed from Oyez Project Audio page not work for you? I just added it to Downcast on my iPhone and was able to download the most recent case audio for Petrella v. MGM from 1/24/2014.
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Response by poster: Welp. Now I feel a little silly, but I'm very happy to have the SCOTUS Oral Arguments! Thanks!
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