Add sketches/drawing in real-time to my typed notes?
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Lately I've found myself taking a lot of notes. To my surprise, I find that I can type a lot faster than I can write, and this seems to be working very well, because I have the added benefit of being able to quickly search my notes later. Now here is my problem: I often want to include rough drawings like I used to when I took notes on paper. Just a few quick lines to capture the essence of a part or a plan. It would be best if I could add these in "real time" to the same document, but I'm willing to experiment with other methods. What I have: A MacBook Air, running Windows 7, but I still have the original Mac OS partition as well. I have been using google docs to take notes, but I am willing to change. Somewhere I have a several years-old Wacom bamboo tablet which I could probably get to work again (this is a stylus/input device tablet, not a tablet computer). I also have acccess to MS Office (2010, I think?) and I'm pretty sure that includes One-Note. Does anyone have advice on how I could add quick drawings to my laptop-typed notes? I am willing to change software or processes. Thank you for any advice you might have.
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OneNote allows freehand drawing with your tablet or mouse.
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I do this in OneNote. I think Evernote also lets you save doodles and such as "ink notes" pretty painlessly, though I haven't played with it in some time.
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Evernote does indeed allow doodles and stuff, and has a plugin specifically for tablets.
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If your drawings don't need to be finished-looking, you could do them on a napkin with a sharpie, take a picture with your phone and email it to yourself to insert into the document.
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