Need help finding nice women's tops
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Going back to work after maternity leave, but a size bigger so I have to get new clothes. I hate clothes shopping and I don't have time to browse the stores anyway. My work wardrobe staples are bootcut jeans and fitted jersey long-sleeve t-shirts with a nice-looking print. I got jeans but I'm missing the top part!

I've tried going to a few shops that used to be my main providers of work clothes (Tom Tailor, s.Oliver), but either I don't 'get' the fashion these days, or it's taken a nosedive in terms of quality and aesthetics. I'm in EU so I'm looking for online shops with international delivery or local recommendations.

These are my criteria:
- long-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve would be great for now, but I'll be looking for short sleeves in a month or two, so I'll need those too
- slightly fitted, but not clingy or tight or body-hugging (I have a lot of new curves which I'm rather self-conscious about)
- 100% cotton or at least mostly cotton, stretchy
- crew neck
- no patterns, at least not all over the item
- something interesting and nice-looking on the front top half (print, applique, but preferrably not just brand logo)
- nothing edgy or sexy or hipsterish, ideally zero cleavage
- nothing 'ethnic' or frilly or lacey

For example, this is my current favorite T-shirt.

Alternatively, I'm open to suggestions for other kinds of tops which would have the similar casual but not going-surfing vibe.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm partial to Woman Within to load up on affordable plus-size shirts, and it does appear to satisfy nearly all of your requirements. It's a US company but does ship internationally.
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A year or two back I'd have sent you straight to Marks and Spencer and BHS because I too live in those tops (I think I have the purple version of the one you linked to!) but both stores seem to have lost their way of late. Here's what Marks and Spencer have to offer, and BHS.

I'm still able to buy these tops but now it's on Ebay and in charity shops.
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Similar to Yoshi's suggestion, One Stop Plus. I'm always getting coupons from them. They start at a 12W (US size). I like their clearance section. I've gotten a lot of nice stuff from them for 50-70% off.
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I don't know what size you need, but if you are in the plus size range try Ulla Popken. They have alot of cotton casual clothing. The biggest caveat is that their clothes can be somewhat oversized, so check measurements and you may even want to go down a size if you want something a little more fitted.
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I don't know if it's too hipsterish for your tastes, but I really like Zen Threads. They have more tees than long sleeve shirts, but maybe some of their designs like this or this might be to your taste? The description says mens, but it's printed on American Apparel's unisex tees, which are nice and slightly fitted but not clingy, and they come in lots of colors.
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I like the other suggestions too, but for now, I solved the problem by buying several tops from brands I usually wear on Ebay. Thanks everyone!
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