How do you keep up with your favorite authors?
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Is there some kind of app or website that will send me notices when authors I designate as my favorites publish a new book?

I'm familiar with FictFact but it tracks series, which is not quite enough. I want to receive notifications for every one of an author's new books, not just the next in a series.
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Best answer: Amazon does this; go to the author's page on amazon (while signed in to your account) and there's a link on the right to click that says "e-mail me when this author releases a new book" or something like that.
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I also have in the past been able to sign up for emails on the publisher's website or at the author's own website. I have also been known to email authors directly and beg for a new book. I have received some lovely replies complete with promises that are subsequently kept regarding publication dates.
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Goodreads does this, too. By default, you get emails about all authors you've read from and have put in their database.
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Best answer:

I use it and it's great!
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Response by poster: Thanks! Amazon seems like such an obvious answer but I had no idea they offered this service.

Goodreads has actually failed me on this, which is why I sought out other options.
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