Cesspool treatment - fact or fiction?
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HomeownerFilter: Do cesspool bacterial treatments do anything?

I recently had my cesspool collapse, and had a new one installed. I was wondering if any of the cesspool additives (like these or these) actually work? Anyone have any experience with them? Or know of a reliable source that has tested them?
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Some people don't think you need them. It seems to me that the amount of bacteria in these treatments is trival compared to the amount that are already active in the septic tank system.
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Uh you know what that page has "using a dowsing rod to locate your tank" on it so they lose all credibility with me. Jesus Christ.
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Response by poster: OC - Dowsing? No way! Where?!?! If so, they've just dropped several credibility notches with me.

And regarding your first answer, they do say "since your septic system relies on bacteria to break down waste material, you should avoid using caustic materials, bactericides, bleach and other household products that can kill the microorganisms in your septic system. " But I do use bleach sometimes (a small amount in every other load of whites). So maybe giving the system an additional "booster shot" might be a good idea?
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Okay, here we go.
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ORM, some idiot wrote them and said this:

"Over the past 20 years, I have been very successful finding underground water sources such as septic tanks, pumps, wells and drainage pipes, by using the age-old technique of “Dousing”. However, the modern world has replaced the bending willow branch with a space age clothes hanger.

It works like this: Take one metal hanger and straighten it out all the way. Then cut the hanger into two equal parts. Bend each piece into an L with the short length as a 4" handle. You should loosely hold a wire handle in each hand 12 “ apart, waist high. Now, slowly walk over area where you suspect the water source is located. As you walk, the 2 wires will point straight out until you are over the water. Then the magic happens. The wires will quickly cross. Really! "

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Normal use of bleach and other household cleaners will not impair the functioning of a septic tank.

I sure like to link to municipal septic tank FAQs. :)
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