C is for Cookie... W is for Waffle?
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What are some recipes for waffle cookies?

I've come into possession of a cookie waffle iron/maker/press thing and want to put it to use.

So what are some great, time tested, recipes for waffle cookies?

And what else can I use this thing for?
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I hope the self-link can be forgiven, but you will likely find this of interest: Waffleizer
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Best answer: P is for Pizzele!
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The recipe and pictures in Ruthless Bunny's link look very close to what I use in my pizzelle maker (I don't have mine to hand at the moment). It's pretty eggy, and the batter is quite stiff. I usually do vanilla or lemon flavoring. I have not been impressed with how chocolate-flavored ones (or ones with any kind of add-ins larger than lemon zest) come out. My main cooking tip would be to start with a smaller amount of batter than you'd think possible. Too-small pizzelles are nicer looking than too-large ones, at least on my iron.

Variations I've done using the same starting recipe:

-Dip one edge in melted chocolate and let dry, or serve with chocolate ganache.
-Teeny ice cream cones! You need to mold the cones the second they come off the iron at exactly the right moment. Assume about 1/3 a batch will go to waste (i.e., be delicious but ugly) before you get the timing consistently right.
-Teeny cannoli. Same thing with respect to molding. This is so much more delicious than typical storebought.

I haven't tried anything too wild; the gap is so narrow that I don't think it would work for most of the stuff in the waffleizer blog.
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I've had good luck with a variety of brownie recipes made in the waffle iron. I think it has to do with the thickness / lower moisture content of the batter (as opposed to other sorts of cookie dough).

I can vouch for these brownies, which work equally well made as actual waffle-sized cookies that you have to break apart, or as smaller traditional cookie-sized things.
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It is gaulettes you seek!
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Stroopwafels. Two of the pizelle cookies with a brown-sugar-cinnamon syrup in between. Here's a sample recipe, but I've never made them so I can't vouch for it.
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