Portfolio pages without plastic
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Are there any portfolio inserts (similar to what Prat or Itoya makes) that don't have plastic protectors?

I'm looking for just plain black pages that I can mount something to and which have holes across the top for placing in a portfolio book. I need 11x14 and it'd be great if I could order them on Amazon or buy them at an art supply store in Boston.
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Are you talking screwpost, or multi-ring spiral?

Screwpost portfolios have a lot in common with scrapbooking books so you might want to start looking there.

If you can't find exactly what you need, you can likely bring some black paper to a Minuteman Press or equivalent and have it cut down to size and have holes drilled if you provide a template. With a screwpost portfolio, you might also want a line scored where the pages would fold back, to make that go easier.

You can always do this yourself as well with a hand hole punch and paper cutter. It'll be tedious, but can be done.
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Response by poster: Screwpost, I think; definitely not spiral. It's a custom made book with 4 rings that the paper needs to hook into. That's a good thought to look at scrapbook paper.
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Something like this?
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If you want to use your own paper, I've used these adhesive hinge strips and they worked really well. It sounds like you may have to cut out your holes with a hole punch for your custom portfolio book.
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