Where can I find a 3D scale model of Manhattan?
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Where can I find a 3D scale model of Manhattan?

I saw a show on Dutch TV today which featured French architect Pierre David providing the viewer with an architectural tour of Manhattan (I think it may have been a French production). On his desk, he seemed to have a model of most major buildings on the island (it was very briefly shown) - perhaps not all buildings but the rough geography and relative heights of most neighbourhoods, plus the very well-known buildings in Midtown and Lower Manhattan in great detail. It was like a much cooler, hardware version of Google Earth's building outlines.

I suspect this may have been a one-off, inaffordable architect's toy, but do you know of anything similar?
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The City Models Exhibition on the 50th floor of Mori Tower in Tokyo has amazingly huge and intricate 3D scale models of Manhattan, Tokyo, and Shanghai on display.

links here
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google earth?
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bah sorry
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I hope this isn't too much of a non-answer but if you like this kind of thing you might be interested in the Pipers London Model.
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My clients (architects) always have these models for presentations etc., although they usually represent several blocks or a neighbourhood rather than the whole island. I'm pretty sure there must be several architectural model-making firms that have them somewhat ready-to-go, but as to who they are I couldn't help. Do you know any local architects whose brains you could pick?
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It'd be hard to take it home with you, but I absolutely recommend a visit to the Panorama of New York City at the Queens Museum of Art.
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This site sells software CAD models. Which is not what you want, but the image on that page shows what one would look like. Flatter than I expected.
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I thought the BYTES of the BIG APPLE - New York City Department of City Planning would have a model available for use by planners and architects but I could not find one. Most major cities who give a rat's ass about their city scape have a physical model of the city which planners/architects can use as a resource. Contact the city planning office or try the schools of architecture at Columbia and Yale.
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(This would be a great high school shop class project. Child's play if you have a rough computer model and a CNC router.)
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