Affordable sort of sexy underwear for allergy sufferer?
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I don't know if it's my latex allergy or something else, but I've been better off down there since I switched to 100% cotton underwear on the advice of my doctor. Currently I'm wearing the Elance Bikini and French Cuts, but I have pretty wide hips and they look kind of granny-like on me. I'd like to find something allergy/sensitive skin-appropriate that's at least kind of sexy and that's under $15 a pair.
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I have some 100% cotton underwear from H&M that's... slightly more sexy than the jockeys? 5-pack Cotton Briefs. They're 5 for $10, so you can afford to take a chance! If these are indeed the same ones I have, they're much less full-coverage than the Elance ones (even though they're described as "briefs"). Not super high-quality or anything, and they run small, and I really only bought them because I was traveling and had misplaced some of my underwear along the way, but they've entered my regular underpants rotation.
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Don't know how you feel about American Apparel, but they do make some slightly sexier 100% cotton styles that are decently high quality, and about $10/pair- or less, if a color you like is on sale.
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Have you tried latex-free microfiber? And what about pure silk?

No Idea what's going on with you but for many of us cheap dyes can be as much of an issue as fabric. And seams. Anyone who thinks it's okay to use heavy nylon thread in girl panties should be bound up in barbed wire to see how they like it.

Good luck. Underwear should not be so difficult.
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I too have wide hips and love the look of boyshorts. As a plus, no Visible Panty Lines.
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Maybe the Jockey Elance String Bikini? Very comfy, all cotton, and not a granny cut.
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