Song lyrics re-enforce like a mantra?
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I've been looking to no avail for research into the content of song lyrics re-enforcing ideas like a mantra in the mind. Does anyone know of any research into this? We learn by repetition so one would imagine the brain isn't selective. Brand re-enforcement advertising works this way so lyrical content should too?
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Do you mean earworms and jingles?

Search under 'jingles' and you'll find info explaining how certain ones stick more than others. You can write whatever lyrics you want as long as the jingle is there.
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I don't mean that, but thank you.

I mean is there an effect of the repetition of lyrics in the mind.
"Happy, happy, joy, joy" vs. "Despite of my rage I am just a rat in a cage".

Answers seem to be disappearing in this thread.
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